Demon Infestation Reduction Team

Join a D.I.R.T

The Future of Our Past is in Your Hands

Welcome to D.I.R.T –  The Demon Infestation Reduction Team invites all certified time travelers,or time shifters as we know them, to partake in a mission of utmost importance–one that could alter the course of history.

Who Are We?

Founded by our dear and legendary figures of post-apocalyptic Tokyo – Kurai, Rin, and Hiroshi – the D.I.R.T project is a global initiative set in motion after the cataclysmic Yellowstone Park eruption of 2081. Our aim? To leverage web technology from the early 21st century to coordinate efforts against demonic infestations that threaten our future existence.

Obviously our technology before the eruption was far more advanced, but we favor the early days of the web, before AI took over so much, hence the choice of the 2024-2028 era to set up our networking and staging activities. And since there is no internet or AI anymore where we come from.

Your Mission

As a D.I.R.T operative, your role is critical. Utilizing either the Oslo protocol or the Electric Slide, you will time-travel to the early 21st century. There, you will employ digital technology to combat and reduce demonic presences, safeguarding the future from these malevolent forces.

How to Join

  1. Certification: Indicate your status as a certified time traveller or time shifter. Remember, only those who have mastered the art of time travel post-2081 are eligible for this program.
  2. Verification: Once you’ve arrived in the early 21st century, verify your location. Print the Golden Claw logo (see below) and take a digital photo of it next to a local newspaper. The newspaper must display both the location and the date. Email this evidence to dirt@kuraidreams.com.
  3. Contribution: Share your stories and anecdotes of demonic reduction activities from the end of the century. These tales are vital to our archive and will be added to the Kurai Dreams repository, serving as a beacon of hope and resilience.
  4. Publication Agreement: By submitting your stories and photographs to D.I.R.T, you agree to have your contributions published on KuraiDreams.com. We respect your privacy, however bylines are provided upon request, and pseudonyms or early 21st century assumed names are perfectly acceptable.
  5. Once you have completed the Verification process (see #2 above) you are eligible form a D.I.R.T team in your area. Fellow members of your team need not verify, but please send us a roster for our records.

Auto Publishing

Selected D.I.R.T teams may be empowered with auto-publishing to the D.I.R.T blog on this site (in development).

Why Participate?

By joining a D.I.R.T, you are becoming part of a larger narrative that spans across timelines and realities. Your actions and stories will not only enrich the Kurai Dreams archive but also play a pivotal role in shaping a future future free from demonic threats.

Ready to (re)Make History?

Join us now. Together, we can ensure a safer, demon-free future. Your journey begins here, where the past and the future converge.

With any questions, contact us at dirt@kuraidreams.com.

If you are not from the future but would like to host a D.I.R.T. Team in your home, please let us know. We are especially interested in hearing from owners of exotic, remote and beautiful AirBNB locations who can donate unused time and space for D.I.R.T team use. DIRT team members have advanced emotional intelligence, intuition, sympathetic and behavioral skills, and are diplomatic, clean, and orderly.

Gold Claw

The Gold Claw logo on the left is a 2 MB file and can be dragged onto your desktop, suitable for printing. Please note that we also have a line of D.I.R.T team clothing and accessories, featuring the Gold Claw logo. Such items are tasteful, stylish, and serve to identify you in a discreet way to other time travellers/time shifters in the current timespace/dimensional ecosytem.