Sure, the world’s ending but at least my eyeliner game is going strong.

Tokyo’s twilight had a way of casting an eerie, yet beautiful glow on its ruins. But amid the shadows, a vibrant figure made her way with a distinctive swish of her thick red hair. It was Rin Akarui, and if there was one word to describe her, it was unpredictable.

She stood tall at 5’8″, her height only accentuated by her high-heeled boots. The luminous green of her eyes sparkled with mischief, hinting at a mind always ready with a witty retort. As she walked, the soft clinks of her studded accessories echoed in the empty streets, making her presence known.

Her outfit screamed ’emo’ but with a flashy twist that was undeniably Rin. Black leather jackets, short vibrant skirts, and an ostentatious choker with a skull pendant. And just for the fun of it? A neon green anklet. If Kurai was the dark, brooding emo, Rin was her sassy, flashy counterpart.

Rin’s memories of Tokyo were a blend of its once-green gardens and the thrill of haggling with street vendors. The apocalypse might have changed the city, but it hadn’t dampened her spirits. Every ruined store was an opportunity, every street vendor a challenge.

Her laugh, a combination of a giggle and a snort, often broke the silence of the streets. It was infectious and spoke volumes about her personality. Sarcastic? Absolutely. Flirtatious? Without a doubt. But beneath that cheeky exterior was an intuitive mind that often sensed things even before they happened.

Rin’s tennis was a spectacle. It wasn’t about the power or the speed but the artistry. She reveled in trick shots, often frustrating her opponents with unexpected drop shots, underhand serves, and lob volleys. It wasn’t about winning; it was about the sheer joy of the game.

Her adventures in Tokyo often led her to hidden gems, be it an abandoned store with a forgotten pair of flashy boots or a street vendor selling the most exquisite trinkets. Shopping wasn’t just a hobby; it was an art, a challenge, and Rin was its master.

As for her relationships? Rin and Kurai were like two sides of a coin, different yet perfectly complementary. Their banter was legendary, filled with Rin’s sarcastic jabs and Kurai’s brooding retorts. Hiroshi, on the other hand, was Rin’s puzzle, a mystery she was determined to solve, one flirtatious comment at a time.

Deep down, Rin had dreams. They weren’t grand; they were simple moments. The thrill of finding a long-lost trinket, the joy of executing a perfect tennis shot, or just dancing to the silent beats of the city.

And music? Rin didn’t need instruments. The city’s rhythms, the beats of the streets, were her music. She danced to them, her red hair swaying, her laughter echoing, reminding everyone that even in a post-apocalyptic world, joy could be found.

The only cloud in Rin’s world was her status an an orphan – her US diplomat parents were killed in the Yellowstone event – and although she was supported with an ample inheritance, she lived in-residence at the private school where she was studying Japanese and other required subjects.

In a world of uncertainties, one thing was for sure: Rin was a force to be reckoned with, a burst of color in a grayscale world, and the very definition of unpredictability.

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