In which stories are stored in case of eternal loss or forgetfulness on the part of actual humans.

Welcome to the Dream. These are the archives of events at the end of the so-called 21st century, circa 2090. Apocalypse already here and hopefully gone, though effects linger.

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In the spirit of interdimensional inclusiveness, we also document an alternate version of these events in a parallel universe (VIDEOS).


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About Kurai

In Tokyo’s electric ruin 
Kurai walks under a waning  moon
Dressed in dark, yet full of heart
past demonic forces that fall apart
Like  a deep and ancient well
Using  love, where hatred dwells.
In her embrace, dark melts away,
Even demons sense the light of day.
In a world of steel and screens,
Kurai’s love is the unseen dream.

Archive 8096-b

Private Archive

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降る雪や 明治は遠く なりにけり