Returns Policy

Effective Date: 11/10/2023

Welcome to the strictly imaginary and therefore wonderful (and dreamy) world of, where we craft each story and product with love and care just for you (and some others out there that share your artistic sense and a need for anime/manga-flavored text and visuals. Plus products.)

The print-on-demand side of our website means every item is uniquely created upon your order. So, here’s our super simple and friendly returns guide:


  • Wrong product (not what you ordered)
  • Product damaged in shipping
  • Wrong size

Let’s talk about print on demand…

Everybody is good at something. Print on demand is good for many reasons, but one of the surprising ones is that it eliminates the production of a lot of products that nobody wants, which otherwise go into landfills or endless rounds in and out of Goodwill stores. By being careful to read sizing charts and by clearly stating your address while ordering you can make sure that you get what you want where you want it in the first place. We are a small business, unlike some businesses we know (starting with A and and ending with mazon) and so we can only do returns if our vendors mess up (see details below). Buy less, get what you really want, and improve the environment, one outfit at a time.

Our Promise of Quality and Happiness

We’re all about smiles and satisfaction! But hey, sometimes things don’t go as planned. While we generally can’t do take-backs or refunds (since every item is specially made for you), we’ve got your back if something’s not quite right due to a little oopsie from our side.

When Things Go ‘Oops!’

If your item arrives with a misprint, wrong size, wrong product entirely,  or took a bit of a tumble on its way to you (package and product damaged),  don’t fret! Just reach out to us at within a cozy window of 30 days. Snap a picture, send it over, and tell us what happened – we’re all ears (and hearts)!

There’s more…

We’re on Detective Duty!

We’ll swoop in, detective hats on, and check out what went a bit wonky. If it’s a yes-yes from our side, we’ll twirl into action to make things right.

Refunds & Replacements: A Fairytale Ending

Approved oopsies mean either a refund to your original pixie purse (aka payment method) or a brand-new item sent your way, at no extra charge! Since we’re all print on demand, that refund will come from our POD vendor, but we will seriously go after them to make it all good on your end

Covering Your Journey Back

If we need the item back, worry not about postage stamps – it’s on us!

The ‘Not Covered’ List (read this one for sure)

Just a little reminder: changes of heart, color wanders, or if the size-o-meter wasn’t quite right (oops, human error!) aren’t covered. But we promise to always be crystal clear about what to expect before you click ‘Order Now!’

You’re Part of the Magic!

Don’t forget, your magic touch starts it all – double-check those address/delivery details before you send your order into our wonderland!

Stay Tuned for Updates

Our world is always evolving, and so are our policies. Keep an eye on our site for the latest scrolls of information.

Got questions or just wanna chat about your order? Drop us a line at, and let’s make some magic together!

Or call/text us at 641-200-1580

We hope you enjoy your stay in Kurai’s Dream…