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Kurai Dreams – The Graphic Novel

For those who enjoy a comic book or manga-type treatment, this version does it all.

Take an intriguing journey through the shadows of post-apocalyptic Tokyo with Kurai Dreams: the Graphic Novel. This captivating tale introduces you to two fiercely fashionable teenage emo girls and their enigmatic and handsome blue-haired friend as they exude attitude, style and fortitude in the face of adversity. Join them as they navigate a world forever changed by a late 21st Century supervolcano while they embark on a quest to overcome demonic forces and restore normalcy and fun to their dystopian reality.

This visually stunning 89 page narrative will immerse you in a world where fashion and attitude meets the supernatural. The vibrant, full-color illustrations bring to life the unique blend of teenage angst, other-worldly mentors, and a struggle against demonic forces that threaten to consume Tokyo.

Kurai Dreams: the Graphic Novel  is a fusion of style, rebellion, and mysticism. Whether you’re a fan of graphic novels, post-apocalyptic settings, or simply seeking a visually immersive experience, it transports you to a future where resilience and fashion go hand in hand.

This fresh comic book style graphic novel has all of the gorgeous details on Kurai, Rin, Hiroshi and their quest to bring life back to normal, emo style  –  in both print and e-book formats (Kindle).

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