Radiation and broken dreams


The bustling streets of Tokyo had long been silenced, replaced by the eerie hush of desolation. However, if you were to walk those streets, you might still spot a flash of color or a glint of defiance…
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Kurai & Rin

Kurai and Rin’s story began in the seemingly ordinary setting of a school playground during recess. It was 3rd grade, and the world was still untouched by the impending apocalypse…
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Tokyo’s twilight had a way of casting an eerie, yet beautiful glow on its ruins. But amid the shadows, a vibrant figure made her way with a distinctive swish of her short, red bob. It was Rin Akarui, and…
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As dawn broke, the sun’s gentle glow bathed the post-apocalyptic wasteland, casting elongated, haunting shadows. Amidst the ruins, one figure stood out. Hiroshi Takeda, with his towering…
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The winding streets of post-apocalyptic Tokyo were an ever-changing tapestry of desolation and fleeting hope. Among its ruins, a figure moved with grace, her steps echoing tales of bygone eras. 
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Akuma’s tale spans 3,000 years, from an era of legends and soaring dragons. With golden scales like starlight, he embodied purity, wisdom, and kindness. His vast heart embraced all life.
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