Product Advice

We so much want you to be happy with your purchases, especially since we can’t do returns. So please consider these points:
The measurement charts  provided with the products are available using a link “Size Guide” which is right next to the shopping cart button in each product listing:

Once you have that chart:

  1. Take an item of clothing that you already have that fits you comfortably and lay it on some flat surface. Measure it and compare it to the provided chart
  2.  If you don’t have a ruler, take this graphic and print it full size, cut out the image with a scissors and use it as a ruler.
  3. Once you have those measurements, compare to the size chart and make your best selection.
  4. But before you do, review the item below…

Regarding Size Choices

The clothing fits well, but if you intend to layer items such as hoodies over other clothing (more than a t-shirt) or if you like a looser fit, please please please get one size larger than the size charts indicate.