KD NFT’s – shameless promo

We are busy planning to drop this super cool NFT collection that’s all about manga and our edgy post-apocalyptic vibe, and honestly, I’m here for it. We’re mixing up the whole manga scene with blockchain, which sounds pretty rad. Each NFT is going to be this unique piece of art, like, no two are the same, which is totally my jam because who wants to have the same thing as everyone else?

The theme is all doomsday with a manga twist, and each character is like a deep dive into this dark, broken world, but they’re all about fighting through it, which kind of hits close to home. The art is supposed to be mind-blowing with all these intense colors and details that make the characters pop off the screen. And they’re not just pretty pictures; each one has its own story, making them way more than just digital art.

We’re talking about adding some interactive stuff or special perks for the whitelist community, which could be cool, like profit sharing or Plus-Fours where you buy one and get four variations on your art, minted and ready to go.

This whole thing is a big deal for people who are into NFTs and manga. It’s like we’re creating a whole new way to collect and dive into the stories we love, but in a digital, one-of-a-kind way. As the launch gets closer, I’m getting more hyped to see how we’re going to blend all this art and tech together. It’s not just another NFT drop; it feels like the start of something new in the art and manga worlds.

Sample Artwork

The following graphics are examples of the type of images that will be minted in the KD NFT launch

To be notified of the KD NFT launch, send an email with the words NFT LAUNCH in the subject line to info@kuraidreams.com.