Kurai and Rin

Kurai and Rin’s story began in the seemingly ordinary setting of a school playground during recess. It was 3rd grade, and the world was still untouched by the impending apocalypse. The sun cast playful shadows on the ground as children ran around, their laughter echoing in the air.

Kurai, a girl with jet-black hair that reached her waist and piercing blue eyes, was known for her mischievous nature. She often wore mismatched socks on purpose, just to get a reaction from her teachers. On the other hand, Rin, with her short, spiky auburn hair and emerald green eyes, was the quieter of the two, but equally sneaky when teamed up with Kurai.

One day, as a prank, they decided to drag a boy from their class into the girl’s bathroom. It was a plan they thought was foolproof. They would lure him close, one of them distracting him with a story while the other would tug at his arm, guiding him toward the bathroom. However, their plan was foiled when a teacher spotted them and gave them a stern warning. But the incident only cemented their bond. They laughed about it for days and it became a story they’d recount for years.

As they grew older, the world around them began to change. Whispers of an impending apocalypse became louder, and the carefree days of childhood were replaced with a sense of urgency and uncertainty. But amidst the chaos, Kurai and Rin’s bond only grew stronger.

They began sharing everything, from clothing to secrets. They exchanged snarky comments, making fun of the world and its absurdities, finding humor even in the darkest times. They developed a unique fashion sense, often borrowing elements from each other’s wardrobes, creating a blend that was uniquely theirs. Kurai would often wear Rin’s studded bracelets, while Rin would don Kurai’s signature mismatched socks.

Tennis became their escape. They would play for hours, the rhythmic sound of the ball hitting the racket and the ground a temporary reprieve from the world outside. It was during these matches that they would discuss their plans, dreams, and fears for the future.

Years passed, and the world as they knew it ended. But Kurai and Rin’s bond remained unbroken. Their shared experiences, from that mischievous prank in 3rd grade to surviving the apocalypse together, had forged an unbreakable bond between them. Through thick and thin, they remained each other’s constant, a testament to the enduring power of friendship.

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