Our NFT Journey (in progress)

It’s like, crafting this whole universe wasn’t just a whim. I poured my soul into making this site, a Collector’s Edition tale spanning 364 pages, a concise 88-page story, a game, and like a mountain of merch, most of which is doomed to obscurity. It’s like we’ve birthed a galaxy of images, each a solitary spark in the vast dark, kinda screams NFT, doesn’t it?

So many sketches got ditched, not ’cause they weren’t beautiful, but because, ugh, choices. Sometimes we’d swap out the originals for the book versions on the site, just to keep things from going haywire. And then there were times we spaced on adding that Niji 5 vibe to the AI, ending up with emo chicks that didn’t quite scream manga but were still breathtaking.

Now, we’re sitting on this goldmine of art, untouched, screaming to be transformed into NFTs. But, like, we’re total noobs at this.

We stumbled upon Verisart.com, thinking it’d be our gateway to NFT fame, but that meant birthing yet another site. With our plates already full (thanks, publishing), the NFT dream got shelved.

But then, as 2024 dawned, we’re like, “Hey, Verisart, what about a WordPress plugin?” And they’re all, “Heck yeah, it’s coming.” So now we’re in this beta phase, tinkering away.

Digging through our art stash is like an archaeological dig through our own past, from today stretching back to that September day in ’23. It’s a journey, finding those gems buried in our digital canvas.

And these NFTs? They’re not just pixels. They’re chapters, moments frozen in time, each with its own tale. Some might chase after an NFT of their fave character, while others might vibe with those iconic scenes.

Our AI’s been on this wild ride, sometimes spitting out characters with this kemonomimi animal ears flair or turning them into street art. Toss “chibi” into the mix, and you get these adorbs mini-child versions we slapped onto stickers.

Our cast? It’s like a who’s who of an emo fantasy league – tennis prodigies, demons, dragons, and emo kids with every shade of angst.

We’ve got these categories, right? Dragons, chibi cuties, demons, the real deal, our leading ladies Rin and I (Kurai), tennis drama, and some… let’s call them ‘spicy’ images.

It’s mind-blowing, really, how AI’s captured the soul of manga for our post-apocalyptic saga. These images, they’re not just cute, they’re a piece of a world, a one-of-a-kind treasure in this vast universe.

Sample Artwork

The following graphics are examples of the type of images that will be minted in the KD NFT launch

To be notified of the KD NFT launch, send an email with the words NFT LAUNCH in the subject line to info@kuraidreams.com.